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April 2013




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Took a couple of days off last week to spend some stolen time with The Sainted Husband and Miss Plum, both home for Spring Break for our County (he as a teacher, she as a student), and you guys, it. was. blissful. You saw the blocking-of-blocks binge I went on, and more Lizard Ridge squares were knitted among Kindle app reading, spring cleaning, and family-hanging-out-ing.

Handmade Meets Tech

We’re getting one and a half minutes more sunshine each day, Spring is springin’, and it seems the long, deep depression that has consumed me the past…well. More than a year. Maybe two. ANYWAY it’s been a long one? And I think it’s finally lifting. Truly lifting, as opposed to just taking a break before surging back to kick my ass some more.

We prepped for the holiday with the help of the good folks at PAAS:

Rainbow Eggies


Thus began a weekend of all the rainbow egg consumption one family can possibly handle. The rest of our Easter weekend turned into a four day celebratory crawl from play dates to neighborly Easter-Egg-Hunts to a dear friend’s birthday party to a blissful recovery day of quiet and snuggling.

Pretty damn good, I feel. I’ll take it. How about you?



December 2008



Overwhelmed and Under-Blogged

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I have a new camera, finally, that I don’t yet know how to use properly; my knitting has been even more flighty than usual — lots of picking up, putting down, casting on, ripping out; but nothing of any particular substance to report.

In desperation, I may have gone Stephanie’s way and resorted to the Noro striped scarf to soothe my needles.

I took that from my lap on our way down South to visit family over Thanskgiving.
I’ve started some alpaca mitts for myself, but those are getting ripped because I was improvising and I don’t like the first one; TSH still wants a skully scarf and has now added a pair of mitts to the request list; I still haven’t finished A Real Sweater in years, and it’s now winter here in D.C. (or close enough to, in temperature) and I, the knitter, have nothing I’ve made myself to wear to keep warm. Rediculous.


And thus, what we have here is not a whole lot of fodder for the blog, save for my own blatherings about nothing in particular.

Everybody on the planet seems to be getting pregnant right now, which is making me yearn even more strongly for another baby. My husband and I are somewhat at odds on the subject, as he’s been through this several times already, whereas Sophie is my only and I’ve always wanted two children. (though I cannot give you a rational set of reasons why that is, really.)


Speaking of Miss Plum, her birthday is on Monday the 15th, so we’re spending Sunday having a day just for her. She gets to pick what meals she’d like, we’re taking her to see Madagascar 2, and then on Monday she’ll have a party at her daycare with her friends. Then later in January, when folks have better availability, we’ll try to have a wee tea party for she and her friends from outside daycare. An unbirthday mad-hatter party, I think. 🙂

What are your holiday plans? Have you got any?



December 2007



Movin’ Right Along

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~dugga dun, dugga dun~ Footloose and fancy free!

All I need now is Fozzie and a Studebaker.

I managed to get the rotating header images up to 14 for now; every one of the header bars include photos (or in most cases, mega-crops of photos) that I’ve taken myself, of places I’ve been, projects I’ve done, etcetera. I hope as time goes on that I can keep adding to the inventory up there. I am inordinately pleased with the sit-and-click satisfaction, seeing the banner changing all the time. I like this much better than one static header.

Holiday preparations continue apace here at GeekCentral. The upcoming weekend is Shopping Weekend, but it’s also the weekend my dad, newly retired to North Carolina, will be here visiting a sick friend and filling in to play the organ at said friend’s church. He’s staying at our house for the first time, and I am in full-on panic-cleaning mode — or rather I would be, I guess, if I hadn’t become utterly obsessed with the WordPress blog upgrade I’m busily using as Procrastination Tool Numero Uno.

Once the kinks start really getting worked out around here and I can post images without breaking the fragile new threads of this here blog, I hope to show you the tragedy of last week, when my beloved Clotho (that’s my Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel, for anybody who didn’t know) took damage in the form of a chip out of the wheel rim. She seems to be okay, if a bit cosmetically lowered, but I’m hoping maybe I can find a way to fix it.

What are you folks up to, in terms of holiday prep? (if any?) I continue to read with awe, admiration, and not a little envy as Amanda Soule talks about their family’s winter preparations. I’m also spending a fair portion of time surfing over at Etsy, and the other item of considerable research and discussion for me right now is Steampunk, specifically as it relates to costuming. (I won’t be offended if you have to go look it up — I’d never heard of it until a few weeks ago, and Googling the term is what sparked the costuming style obsession.)



July 2006



Cycles, Circles, and Aranmor

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So I dug through the scary-front-closet-of-Doooooom the other day, so as to unearth the long-neglected beginnings of Aranmor for my husband.

Begun initially for a potential Christmas gift, I had to realize my own limitations and working style, and I said perhaps I’d have it just in time for his mid-August birthday!

It appears that I will have to amend that to Please-Knitting-Goddesses-Let-Me-Finish-This-Damn-Thing-By-Giftmas!?!

Current pictures this evening; Here’s where I was before:


I’d only gone a bit more than halfway through one center motif repeat of the back before setting it aside in frustration before. I’ve now approximately doubled that progress and a bit, having since completed one center motif and halfway through another.

Still, I do love the yarn and the patterning; had to re-teach myself how to cable without a cable needle, and that helps make this sweater nice to knit on rather than a nightmare.



November 2005



Talkin’ Turkey: Total Thankfulness

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My gracious, but it has been an amazing holiday weekend here in the U.S.A. (Or at least here in Alexandria, Virginia…)

Our Thanksgiving was lovely, punctuated by my personal triumph of several first-tries at dishes I’d never made before. To wit:

  • Brined the turkey — this is a first, and I will never make another without this step if I can avoid it, because the result really is tastier, more moist, and all-around worth the trouble. (Which was minimal. Seriously.)
  • Made dressing from scratch, foregoing Stovetop-from-a-box for the first time EVER in our family — and I mean from scratch,  from the bread and cornbread right on through. (well, okay, I didn’t make my own sausage, we purchased it — but if Santa hears my plea and gets me my KitchenAid stand mixer with all the attachments therein, I’ll even try making my own sausage next year!) SO tasty! YAY!
  • Made my own Pumpkin Pie, rather than trusting to Sarah Lee

We spent the day with our favorite adopted family, my friend Sharon and her husband and kids. Our boys went to their mom’s for the holiday, while Miss Sophie Plum, naturally, stayed with us. So, all in all, it was a truly lovely holiday, and I am thankful/grateful for so many things it’s positively overwhelming.

Which brings me to the other big part of my weekend, but as I typed it up, I realized it really was going to turn into its own post, so hang on just a moment while I get that done. 🙂