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May 2006



As Promised

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First and foremost, I give you my long-traveled and most wonderously beauteous Sockapaloooza Socks, knit for me by Kimberly of A Knitted Frenzy!


Pay no attention to the terrible night-time-is-the-only-time-I-have-time-to-take-photos, photos; they fit perfectly, are of one of my favorite yarns (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, Cranberries), and in a pattern I’d tried myself in the aforementioned Socks That Rock yarn that I thought I didn’t like. More on that in a moment. These are the Nancy Bush Child’s First Socks pattern from her Knitting Vintage Socks book, which I am utterly addicted to. My own pal’s socks were a pattern from the same book.

Kimberly is from Fresno, and sent me with my wonderful socks some poppy seeds, (I don’t know if I want to make bagels or stage my own scene with green face makeup, rubbing my hands together and cackling, "Poppies! POOOOOOPPPPPIIEEEEES!") a picture of the socks reclining on the bench in the subway with Kim’s iPod (who sports its own knitted cozy, natch), a handwritten card, and (as if this weren’t all enough) homemade strawberry jam! Said jam is three-quarters gone already, as my daughter and teen step-sons discovered and anhililated it inside two hours. It was scary, actually. 🙂

THANK YOU, Kim! These are fantastic, and I am so tickled I haven’t taken them off hardly a moment. YAY! ~happy dance~

Now, as to the haul from MDSW, it was, as I said, somewhat meager. Here is what I got that I have in my hands — (There’s still Enya’s  fleece to come, in process of being…um…processed)


This is Mohair roving from Persimmon Tree Farm, owned by Greta Dise. (The Farm, not the roving in these photos. :)) I love it — these two photos are of the same ball of roving, but different sides. It’s called Fall Harvest, and I got the same stuff last year with glitz in it. I have grandiose notions of one day getting myself a spinning wheel and plying the non-glitz with the glitz. But then, ALL my notions tend towards the grandiose.

This is a horrid nighttime photo of my gorgeous Bosworth midi spindle, purchased from the Journey Wheel folks themselves. (THANK YOU, MR. BOSWORTH!) It’s made of Black Palm, with what I believe is a Padauk shaft. It’s LOVELY.  And yes, that is some yarn on the spindle shaft, why do you ask? 🙂

Speaking of this spindle and yarn, behold! My first actual wee ball of handspun: (The Google hits on that should be rediculous…)


Sheila? That’s the Falklands wool you sent me that I was gushing about in a previous post. It’s SO lovely! This wee ball is all I could get on the spindle before it started to bobble, so I think I’ve a ways to go to learn about wrapping the shaft properly as I wind on.

And then there was the Socks That Rock. It was a madhouse trying to get this stuff, frankly, and if I had it all to do over, I might skip the mess and order online. But I’m very glad I tried it, and I do love it after all. Note the evidence, to the right:


Pardon the flash — I did say as night photos were all I could swing, if I was going to EVER show you guys this stuff! 🙂

So yeah — that would be some picot-edge Jaywalkers, which was the only pattern that was ever going to work with the Mesa colourway for me. The mint green just killed it in any other pattern. So Cara is right. Again. 🙂

I sent one skein — the Watermelon Tourmaline, don’t ever let it be said I don’t take care of my swap peeps  — to my Sockapaloooza pal with her socks, so these four are the remaining ones. Of these, I think the Alina is my favorite, and the Lemongrass and Fred Flintstone may have to become part of a fair-isle or mixed sock. (I actually like all three colourways together, but haven’t decided that I like that plan)

These jaywalkers are my first try at a picot edge, and I have to say that I am so in love with it! I especially love the way they make little crenellations like the wall of a castle. I showed them to TSH, and referred to them in that conversation as "dits". He asked what a dit was, and I said, THOSE!




April 2006





April 2006




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frus·tra·tion (fr-strshn)

  1. The condition that results when an impulse or an action is thwarted by an
    external or an internal force.
  2. The blocking or thwarting of an impulse, purpose, or action.

Source: The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

Pronunciation: (")fr&s-'trA-sh&n
Function: noun
  1  :  a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and
dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs
2  :

  something that frustrates

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.

To which I add the following:
3: When one’s first of two Sockapaloooza socks have already been ripped once, and you’re ALMOST THERE to complete one, when you come upon this:

Disregarding for a moment the absolutely beautiful light our Great Room gets in the afternoon sun, please look closely at this nearly-completed, would-have-been-done-tonight, first-of-two Sockapaloooza socks, which I have a week and a half to complete. (If it’s less, don’t say — I’m not consulting a calendar, just thinking with deep and abiding wishfulness.)

Can’t see it? Here, let me give you a closer look:


Just a bit off, there, after the heel. ARRRRRRRGH!

Now, if these were for ME? I would TOTALLY leave that alone and knit on, with confidence and whatever else EZ says I’m supposed to have when I’m knitting through a crisis. But these aren’t for me, they’re for my Sockapaloooza sock pal. My very first try at Sockapaloooza, and I’m coming down to the wire, and now THIS. To make matters worse, the cuff that I love so much is just tight enough that I think I will have to re-knit that, as well, in a larger gauge, so that there is no question that it is not too tight. (which will involve grafting the new cuff on, cutting off the old one, and pretending like nothing ever went wrong.)

*~HEADDESK~, repeat from *.

So, to the frog pond I will have to go. Again. The temptation to chunk it all, and knit up a nice pair of simple rib socks toe-up, with short-row heels, is becoming greater the larger the deadline looms. I will try this fix once, and if we encounter issue again…I will have to swallow my pride and do just that, because I am NOT screwing up this swap because I wanted to knit something that was a bit more than simple for my first time through the game.

Oh Knitting Goddess, whatever it is I did? I’m SORRY! ~thud~

Meanwhile, I give you how our Brutus Maximus Glorianus spent his weekend, while my husband, myself, and my toddler daughter were all three of us sick and miserable in the grey, misty wet weather we had all weekend long:


When I die, I want to come back as a cat. In my family, preferably.

(And yes, my husband had every single one of us in his lap for half the weekend. Also, please disregard the coffee stain on our ancient lounging couch. It was a sick weekend and we haven’t washed it yet.)



April 2006



Sockapaloooza and weekend updates

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I just got done emailing my Sockapaloooza Sock Sister with a LONG overdue update — I’ve been posting merrily along here with my Sockapaloooza Sock Saga (You know I couldn’t resist that alliteration, right?), but had totally neglected to send my Sock Sister an update. YIKES! BAD Geek, BAD!

We went to the North Carolina Renaissance Festival this weekend, and although we spent almost ten hours in the car, I only got through one repeat of the leg pattern of one sock for my Sock Pal. What it came down to was a combination of back spasms hitting me Friday, running maintenance on a toddler who had never been in the car that long before, and, frankly, sleep. I loooooove me some carsleeps.

However, I have cast aside all other knitting in order to be certain these socks are done in plenty of time. If you’ve been reading here very long, you know this is a BIG DEAL for me, because I have craft ADD like nobody’s business, and project monogamy is anathema. The only time it’s worked thus far was the Knitting Olympics, but the efficiency of that (lack of proper thumb-placement not withstanding) let me know that this was the way to get these done in time, so that’s how we’re going.

Photos forthcoming this evening of the one repeat of the frogged-and-re-knitted first Marvelously Mighty Mango Socks. Yay! (oh, and P.S.? My sock pal has small feet, so there’s that going for me. LOL)

Also, please note the Marvelously Mighty Mango Socks beside their long-neglected Koigu friends, the soon-to-be-frogged-because-I-didn’t-use-a-sticky-THEN,-either Cool Blue Conwy socks. 🙂


I love the afternoon sun in our Great Room. Also, these socks are an astonishingly good match to our dining room table. 🙂

This following makes me wonder if I will have to get more Koigu in the same colorways and do something…interesting*:

No College Sports intentions implied or meant. 🙂


*HAH! Who am I kidding? You know I will have to, now…