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February 2010



Beck for Valentine’s Day

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‘Round about March of last year, I took some photos of a sweater in progress and posted them here. A sweater that had originally been intended as a Valentine’s Day present, but that promptly hibernated through some serious life changes for us, as well as the tail end of my last couple of years of knitting ennui. Thereafter my returned knitting mojo and all my knitting time was taken up by the wedding shawl, since that was on deadline (and deadlines and I don’t mix very well unless I am brutal to myself in project monogamy). Finally, it took Snowpocalypse, Snowpocalypse II: The Burying, and Snowpocalypse III: Snowverkill to provide me enough time, space, and mental wherewithal to finish The Sainted Husband’s Valentine’s Day Sweater.

Better a year late than never, right?

  • Project: Jane Ellison’s “Beck” Sweater
  • Yarn: Classic Elite Skye Tweed, 16.5 skeins
  • Needles: US size 8 needles, Addi Turbo and Addi Lace circulars
  • Size: 44
  • Mods/Notes: I knitted a gauge swatch for this thing. I WASHED the swatch. I got gauge with said swatch. THE SWATCH. LIED. This beast grew into the craziest wide sweater EVER. I knit the size 44, and it was easily 10 inches larger around than that when I first blocked it. (This is partly my fault because I did not measure as I blocked, and I didn’t listen to my inner voice saying, “Huh. That looks…kind of big.” After the first blocking, the sweater fit ME very well (we have a Jack-Sprat-and-his-wife thing going on in my house), but was far too big for TSH. So I blocked it a second time, felted it very slightly on purpose, and now he says he loves it.I’m not entirely satisfied with the sweater yet — it rides up at the back hem because his spine is so curved, so I will attempt to tack on some short rows at the back hem to extend that down another three inches or so in the center; I overblocked the collar such that it is too big on one side, so I need to steam that back where it belongs; and I need to knit a couple of facings for the back side of the zipper, which I think I want to re-install as it’s buckling despite my careful insertion of it.

    Still. He’s wearing it, in front of friends!, even as I type this, and claims that he’s very happy with it. So I will call that a successful Valentine and a nice F.O. 🙂


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