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June 2010



Dear O My Blog,

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How neglected thou art!

This spring seemed to just zoom by like a comet.

As seems to have been par for the course of late, my knitting and spinning activities have taken a serious backseat to other life events. We bought our first home last August, my youngest stepson is deploying with his Army unit to Afghanistan, and life has generally just swept us up and along with it.

The only fiber-related thing I have to show for the spring so far would be some handspun, from some gorgeous Verb for Keeping Warm luxury fiber club bits I’d been hoarding.

sorry for the lousy iPhone camera resolution!

sorry for the lousy iPhone camera resolution!

There’s a second skein spun from a combination of Dyak Craft (formerly Grafton Fibers) batt and Verb fibers, but a story goes along with the photo that requires ANOTHER photo, so how about we go on with that in another post? Gives me an excuse to get back into the swing of things. 🙂

The only other new thing around our place was pretty epic, though:

iPad: the Unboxing

iPad: the Unboxing

Clearly I must return to the blog, since I will have lost The Sainted Husband to his new electronic Mistress. 🙂

How’re YOU?


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