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February 2008



To Count or Not to Count?

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Does this count as an F.O?

The first finished…I can’t say square, because it isn’t, it’s a rectangle. Unit? Anyway, it’s the first one-of-those I’ve completed for this project, so it feels as though it ought to be a finished object, even though technically it’s not.

This is the last time I’ll subject you to this particular square, though, since I’m sure you’re tired of looking at it already. 🙂 But there’s that one, all finished, and I hope you’ll agree that Cat Bordhi’s instructions for picking up wraps in short rows worked to fix my previous issues that caused all the frogging.

Somewhat related to that — same project, different yarn — is some stash enhancement!

Thus far the Kureyon count stands at about 12 different colorways for the Lizard Ridge — there may be the odd ball floating around that I’m not sure of, but I think in the Great Sort-Of-A-Cleanup I did the other week I managed to gather all the yarn into one place, so that’s probably accurate. If I want to stick to my original stated plan (on which I am already behind, natch),  I have another three units to complete before the end of February. What do you think — can I do it? 🙂


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