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August 2010



Down the Rabbit Hole

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I feel as if I am discovering my knitting all over again.

There was a time in the past couple of years when my knitting (and really, most of my crafting) was stagnant. Nothing felt inspiring, and except for very brief episodes when I would dig into stash or pick up an old project and try to regain my mojo, nothing would stick. I actually began the mental conversation with myself about whether or not it was time to simply gather up all my painstakingly collected tools and supplies and simply sell them off or give them away so that I could seek out what might bring that spark of creativity back into my life. I missed it, that spark, and so even such madness as those thoughts weren’t as appalling as they would have been three years ago.

Slowly, though, and in part I think because I have never stopped reading my blogroll and I have begun to see other — beloved and familiar — voices emerging from hibernation with similar stories, I can feel it coming back to me.

Just this evening in my quiet house I sat down and went looking for the yarn I used to knit my husband’s Valentine sweater (Beck by Jane Ellison; the post for the finished sweater is here) in Ravelry. It’s discontinued, and it appears that full sweaters’ worth of the stuff are thin on the ground, so I decided since I was craving tweed, I’d go see if there was an equivalent yarn floating around out there that I could discover and lay in for a day of inspiration down the road. And with that, I was down the rabbit hole. (that last link is a Rav link and there is talk of a Knitalong for that sweater with the Third Street Ravelers in Philadelphia.)

All of a sudden, not only is my knitting mojo returned (o w l s  sweater nearly done that’s currently on the needles, another sweater swatched for and ready to launch, a third in the works right behind that one and, after this weekend’s visit with Ravelers springviolet and constermonster, I am again craving a sock on the needles), but so has my sewing and crafting desire and inspiration.

The fall Knitscene? I want to knit nearly every item in it. A ton of exciting patterns in the Fall Knitty and Twist Collective issues, too. I’ve got something like four quilts in progress that are suddenly interesting again, and I am getting back into sewing because I discovered that I love retro fashion and the retro inspired items showing up in the Fall couture/RTW collections, and want to attend Viva Las Vegas this year.

I am horribly out of practice in keeping this blog (and thus, you) up to date, and I wasn’t ever particularly good at making sure I took photos of things I knew I wanted to tell you about during the daytime/in good light/in interesting ways to begin with. But I feel as if I owe it to anybody still around to read all this drivel — and to myself, as an exercise in continuing the joyous return of this feeling of…I don’t know, joy in craft? (Anticipation, enjoyment of what’s going on right now, happiness in what’s already been created — the whole circle is suddenly real and interesting to me again, and if there hadn’t been a few old names and faces posting again recently, I don’t know if I would have returned fully to this place.) — anyway, as if it suddenly matters to me again to be here in this space and to share what’s going on with you, even if it’s just to tell you about it when I haven’t got anything in particular to show you.

So. Thanks for being there. What’s new with you?  I really want to know, and I’m excited and interested to see what’s going on all over again. Oh, and before the apologist posts start about how xx post isn’t about knitting or whatever, please know that whatever it is you have to share with me on your blog or in comments, I’m interested in it. (well ok, not interested in the spam…but everything else!) This blog may be called YarnGeek, but really I geek out over all KINDS of stuff, and I’m happy to share it all indiscriminately with any of you still interested in reading about any of it. So Huzzah, y’all. I can’t wait to keep going. 🙂


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