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August 2010



I should know better.

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There is something about nearing the end of a project that makes my eyesight diminish and go into the west.

Last night I finished, for the second time, the owl cabling of my o w l s sweater. The first time around, I’d put the whole sweater on different needles because the size 8s were the only ones whose cable was long enough to allow for trying it on, and then forgot to switch back to the 10s. Ooops. Ripped that back to the sleeve/body join, started again with the 10s.


I also apparently knit the sleeves on the size 8s, and didn’t knit them long enough after all, despite having tried them on many (many) times.

Last night, as I knit the neck ribbing and thought in glee of going on a button-eyes supply search online when the sweater was finished, I looked at the ribbing and thought, that looks awesome! ALMOST DONE!! And I knit on in a frenzy.

Then, as I took a short alcohol break (it was that kind of Tuesday), something told me that, before I bound off, I should probably try the sweater on again, just in cases.


So the sweater, although lovely through the bust-shaping, did not fit. It didn’t go up over the tops of my shoulders at all, the sleeves that I wanted to be gauntlet-cuff length were suddenly two inches shorter than when I last tried them on, and all in all it was just…not good.

So. Once again, I will have to rip out my beautiful cabled owls all the way back to the body/sleeve join, only this time I will have to add another 2 or 3 inches to the sleeves, as well as adding maybe 20 more stitches in increases to said sleeves in order to make sure there’s some ease over my upper arms.

Poo. If this thing wasn’t for Rhinebeck, it would go into a probably-multi-month time-out. But it is, and I was just crowing about having found my enthusiasm again, so I refuse to admit defeat.

Gonna need more alcohol, though.

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