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August 2010



Visual Housekeeping

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You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been tweaking the format of the blog a little bit. I had to upgrade both the WordPress template that I use as well as WordPress itself (by TWO versions, bad admin, BAD!), which took a fair bit of grumbling and cursing to accomplish. Now, though I am very happy with the basic framework that the Atahualpa theme provides, I’m feeling like things still need some re-working.

Care to weigh in?

Recent changes visually include altering the background colour of the sidebars from a sort of grey-card grey to the present teal (ETA: I’m back to grey again), and adding the top and bottom bars of burgundy to the header image (ETA: No sooner did I make this post than I decided I didn’t like it after all despite the fact that I adore teal, so I made the two tiny top and bottom bars grey, also.). I can’t decide whether it’s too distracting or kind of fabulous, so let me know what you think on that.

Meanwhile I’ve been considering expanding the height of the header image/logo bar by almost double. This is in part because when I crop my photos to make new headers, it takes an annoying amount of fiddling to get the image portions I want captured into the 250 pixel height that I’m currently using, and I’d like to be able to ease that process so I can have lots more headers to cycle through the carousel. I don’t know how many folks are using lower resolutions that might be irritated by that, though, so weigh in on that too, won’t you?

Meanwhile, I’ve been surfing around checking out WordPress templates hither and yon, and going completely nuts over ColourLovers. They have colour palettes and patterns, and you can easily get lost in there.

While I’m dithering about vital issues like header image pixel heights, I’ve also made some new ones at the current size, so refresh the page now and then if you’re wanting a change of scenery there. 🙂 The only image in any of the headers that I didn’t take myself is the one of the flag, which was taken by The Sainted Husband. I loved how active the flag was in that image so I grabbed it for the blog, plus it makes my (battered but still red-blooded) patriotic heart full of pride.

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