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November 2011



This is My Blue Period.

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I give you: Pole, also known as my Blue Sweater of Happiness. C’est Finis.

In which I'm actually smiling, as opposed to halfway:

Pattern: Joji Locatelli’s   “Pole” Sweater

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in “Buscando Azul”, purchased from Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA. I thought I’d purchased 10 skeins of this, but my Ravelry notes say I only got 7. If that’s so, I only used 5.5 skeins, which seems odd. (UPDATE: Fibre Space, because they are awesome, confirms that I did only purchase 7 skeins, so this is technically kind of a bargain sweater, considering the fiber in question)

Needles: Addi Turbo circulars in (I think?) US 9 and US 10.

Notes: For the most part, I’m thrilled with this garment. Because I’ve got body issues, I naturally dislike the bit where it exposes my least favorite anatomical unsightlinesses, but I haven’t yet figured out a tweak that would work. This entire thing is essentially a circle knit around a rectangle. With sleeves. So to add a few inches on to only the front portion of a circle’s edge would be a challenge I am not sure I can tackle just yet. We’ll see. For now, I get compliments anytime I wear it, and it’s warm and soft as one would expect, wallowing in Malabrigo, nevermind the fantastically electric color.

So, like…HI. How’re you? 🙂

I’m now 1.15 repeats into The Sainted Husband’s thrice-damnned skully scarf, which I’ve attempted a minimum of three times before with no success. I think at least I’ve got the dang thing down to the right gauge and style, though, so now I have 8.85 repeats to go. Guh.

Skully scarf, take eleventy million:

If this motif and yarn look familiar, that’s because he’s already gotten a hat and a pair of mitts from this Hello Yarn free pattern. But he’s been after me for a scarf for literally years now, and finally it’s getting knit. I MUST love that man.

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