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January 2012



YarnGeek’s New Clothes

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Well. The blog’s new clothes, anyway. In case there may still be .5 of you out there still reading, you might have noticed in stopping by recently that things have been in a bit of a dither. I’ve been messing about with WordPress templates for weeks now, the final straw coming when one of the template sites I visited was populated with a really horrid faux-security malware. My laptop, she died, and TSH had to resurrect her, and that has taken several more weeks.

But I, like Meg Ryan in French Kiss…I HAVE TRIUMPHED! ~fist~ So take a look around and let me know what you think of the re-design. I’m not entirely convinced I’ll keep it (though after this much work, it goes against the grain to just chuck it and begin again. 🙂 So perhaps I’ll sit with this one for a while?), but for now I think it’s pretty cool.

There has been knitting, not that you could tell from the silence around this place – I finished TSH’s Neverending Skully Scarf of Doooooom on Christmas Day; it awaits weather and schedules to permit a proper photo shoot, but here it was just after completion:

Pardon, if you will, the filthy bathroom mirror, vacation-dressed me, Christmas-tie-dye project tee shirt, etc. You know that’s how we roll around here anyway, yes?

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