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July 2012



Walking in Middle Earth

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I know. We shall speak no more of my absence. Did y’all know I can knit? I KNOW! What a cool discovery!


While I slog through the home stretch of The Brain Hat That Ate My Mojo, I cast on a side project: Tom Bombadil socks for The Sainted Husband(TM).


(side note: look quick, y’all, because those nails are RARE and never last long. As soon as I start feeling like, “wow, I actually have reasonably pretty fingernails!”? That’s when they all break into ragged nubs.)

It seemed fitting to post these on the day when Peter Jackson announced they’re breaking The Hobbit into three films, rather than two. Why it is that one comparatively tiny book gets three whole films when the massive trilogy garnered three total for novels far longer is a mystery, but I feel these socks at least are a nod to the left-out Tom Bombadil from the previous LotR trilogy.

This yarn is Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in colorway Mushroom Hunting, and it’s one of the only things that captivated me enough at Maryland Sheep and Wool to come home with me. I’ve got some spinning to show you that encompasses the rest of that small haul, but this yarn is I think my most fave to date.

I had a hard time capturing the color of this properly; will try again at home with The Big Camera, but for now, suffice it to say that the colourway is perfectly titled. It really DOES resemble leaf litter and beautiful fungi, in the best way.

How’s by you?

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