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June 2008



Moonlight in Shadows

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I spent the majority of last weekend doing a whole lot of…not much. Which was exactly what I needed after at least a month of being overbooked. I’ve had a run of really cool stuff to do, but it was all back-to-back activity, and my Myers-Briggs Introverted self was only too pleased to spend the weekend without agenda.

I did manage, however, in the midst of planned inactivity, to spin up some yarn by request. My dance teacher and friend, Asharah, likes to have shadowy colors, and she has asked for a pair of handspun, handknit arm warmers/fingerless mitts to wear when she dances. I found the fiber while at Maryland Sheep and Wool, at the booth for The Drafting Zone. (I don’t know if they have a website, but their phone number is 301-464-5738.)

The producers of this fiber call it “Pewter”, but to me, it looked like moonlight dappling in shadow, so that’s what it’s become in my head — and it was clear to me that Asharah would like the colors. For myself, I loved that it has 30% silk and 70% merino.

Yarn-in-progress — roving in the foreground, bobbin of singles in the mid-ground. (el-cheapo basket that looks like an arse in the background.)

I am completely in love with the sheen of silk. While this fiber shed EVERYWHERE as I was pre-drafting and spinning, while spinning it slid through my hands like…well, silk. 🙂 And when I was done plying, I had approximately 180 yards of wool/silk blend yarn, roughly sportweight.

If this turns out, post-swatching, to not be enough, I have another 4 ounces of the same fiber to spin up. My hope, though, is that this will be enough for the short fingerless mitts she wants, so that I can use the remaining 4 ounces to make her some thick-and-thin yarn that she can use on a belt or some other belly-dance type accoutrement. 😉

More images of this same yarn are over on Flickr; but for now, I leave you with my favourite model, Brutus, who is debating whether he will allow me to dump out some more of my stash and submit his image to StuffOnMyCat.com. (I’m betting…not.)

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