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June 2007



Haul ‘O Wool

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So I am relatively certain that I typed up a post, at some point before I left for California, to show you the stuff I got at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year.

Okay, so what it apparently was, going back through, is that I did TYPE a post, but I didn’t give you any pictures, due to the Great Router Debacle of 2007. (By the way, we have a new router but The Sainted Husband (TSH) hasn’t installed it yet; he has done what he refers to as "a work-around". I don’t care what this means, ominous as it may sound, so long as I can post stuff, which I can, and therefore it matters not.)

The place where I ramble about the show in text is here. The only thing that I think has changed since I made that post is that, while I was HUGELY a-squee over finding the old-style walnut Brittany needles that I’ve wanted forever in every size, practically — the thing of it is, I don’t knit with straight needles. Almost ever. In fact, the only time I knit on straight needles on purpose is when my circs are otherwise occupied or because I just want to use the pretty needles. And I already had one pair in a scarf-knitting size, so do I NEED this set from size 3 through 10.5? I don’t. So you may see those pop up as a set on eBay, in order that I might finance my hoped-for trip to Rhinebeck this fall for my birthday. I’d said when I bought them that I wasn’t going to sell them, but the bald truth of it is, I can’t stand for them to just sit here in my house looking pretty when somebody else would actually use them and treat them like the heirlooms they ought to be.

Right, enough rambling. Onward to the photos!

Behold, I give you: Cormo. (okay, I don’t give it to you, because it’s MINEALLMINE, said the grouchy ladybug. Do you want to FIGHT me for them? No, I don’t insist. Wow. Toddler Mom, party of one, n’est ce pas?)


I got three bumps of that vineyard-esque, Bacchanalia colorway, and one of what can only be described as Flying Purple People Eater:



I’ve already spun up the Bacchanalia stuff in part, and it is as soft and fluffy as it looks in the bump. I also got an entire Cormo fleece while I was at MDSW (what can I say, I was weak!), and I am sort of surprised at the way this fiber spins/looks in the bump, versus how long the fiber is in the fleece. The bumped roving is very neppy, and when I tried to pre-draft it, it was very finicky.  The fleece I purchased had very long staple and fine crimp. It may just be that I don’t know enough about fiber yet to know what to expect between fleece and prepped roving, but it was a surprise. (not a bad one, just a surprise.)

So all the Cormo I have in my hands at the moment has the perfect feel, but not so much prep. I’m hoping when the fleece comes back from processing, it will be a bit more smooth. But then, I may be expecting Merino properties from a sheep fiber that isn’t the same.

I purchased another fleece from Walks Far Acres, a black ewe’s yearling first shear that I am hoping will come back just as dark a black as the ewe’s name — Raven. It’s Navajo Churro, same as the fleece I bought from the same farm in 2006, so I know it will be a little bit hairy once spun, but still sproingy. Should blend nicely with some of the other fibers I have in my wee stash.

Meanwhile, in other news:


That is wool/bombyx silk top from I-can’t-remember. I might have sat down with this fiber and Clotho the very afternoon I got back from S&W. Maybe.


(I later tried to do some navajo plying with a bit of this fiber that failed utterly; we’re now heading towards trying a two-ply, which TSH has requested become a Jayne Hat. I am still deciding if I love him that much. :))

As well as the walnut Brittany stack-‘o-needles, I also got some spinning tools from Woodchuck:


That would be an olive-wood diz in the foreground; ebony WPI tool next; the handle of an olive wood threader for the diz, and a beech? birch? wpi tool in a different style. (The ebony WPI tool will probably live in my traveling bag for spindle spinning, and the other will live hanging from Clotho someplace. I really ought to have one of those wee baskets in which to hold such things…maybe at next year’s S&W?)

Really, I came home pretty light on fiber, what with my two fleeces still being out for processing. 🙂 When they get here, and once I recover from the wool fumes long enough to do so, I will post of the floofy piles of happiness.


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