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May 2007




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No new router, but I am totally cheating so I can quit making excuses. YAY for workarounds!

You can go ahead and say "Finally!" in a deep, exasperated tone, should you feel the need — you’d be totally justified!

Right, so the Maflingo Sockies for Miss Plum went over a treat. She insisted on wearing them for roughly five days running; now, I am uncertain where she’s put them, but every time the pink jammies come out, she goes and gets them.

Project: Simple Toddler Socks. More or less an amalgam of all the basic sock patterns out there.
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Flamingo Stripe: Look, toddler socks that are Knit For the Cure!

Other details are lost in the morass of my mind. Sorry, ya’ll. I need to make like Brenda Dayne and keep a knitting notebook.

Why yes, she IS pleased as punch, and thanks for asking. 🙂 When these were not quite done yet, she kept asking me incredulously, Socks, Mama?  Socks for ME?! And I would tell her yes, socks for her. She was so happy to get them, it makes me feel guilty that she has so few pair, and her feet are tiny enough that I should have no excuse for cranking her out a wardrobe of the things. Oy. Maternal Guilt.

I am immensely fond of the figure eight cast on. For some reason, I feel violently allergic to provisional cast on, maybe because I like to knit with a few fidgety bits as possible — magic loop on circular needle, don’t like to use cable needle unless I absolutely have to, that sort of thing. So maybe that’s why it appeals. Part of it also is just that I find it incredibly cool to not have any knots, and yet have that smooth toe that knits in two directions at the same time. 🙂


Kung-Fu Plum says,


Likewise I love the simplicity of the shortrow heel, and in this case especially, it made such a smooth cup for her heels. Very pleasing.



When we started the picture session, she wasn’t sure whether to do cheesy-grin, or whether there was another method of posing I was asking her for at the time.

You’re knitters — Tell me you get how happy I am at the mostly-matching stripes?!? 🙂


I leave on Tuesday for San Francisco…if anybody reading this blog happens to live out that way and would maybe be willing to show me where the coolest knitstops are, I’d love to meet you and check it out! I have a free day from my arrival on Tuesday until whenever that night, and then I think I have a free day Thursday all day, and most of the day Wednesday. Otherwise I’ll be taking bellydance classes from Mardi Love and the Tribal group Unmata…Yes, I am completely a-squee, but anybody who does NOT bellydance probably has no idea what I’m talking about. You-Tube may enlighten you a bit. 🙂 Anyway, so because I leave on Tuesday, and I have been such a neglectful blogger, I’ve set up some auto-posts to go up this week while I’m gone. Ooooh, Time Warp! YAY!

I’ll have some MDSW haul to show you, and the contents of two packages that came this week from Uzbekistan that looked like this:

Brownpaperpackages(Every time I look at this picture, I start hearing Julie Andrews in my brain. "Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String…These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!")

These even came complete with the remnants of what must have been a really cool bit of sealing wax, but somewhere between Tashkent and the US Postal Service, got mangled:


Hmmm. Whatever could these be?


May you and your families have a lovely mother’s day, if you celebrate such things; otherwise, just have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next Tuesday with (I hope) some pictures and stories from the Left Coast!


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