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March 2007



So close…and yet so far

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You know, last night, as I was posting the entry about my cross stitch piece I started recently, I was thinking — tomorrow is going to be a little crazy, and you DID say you were going to try to post before noon EST. Maybe it would be smart, since you’ve got the pictures all ready and all, to just make a timed-entry post?

Only I didn’t…as evidenced by this five-hours-late entry. ~sigh~

This new habits thing is not an easy trend to upkeep! My excuse is pretty strong — Miss Plum had her 3-year checkup yesterday, and woke at 3am feverish and really miserable, so she and her wee skein of angora are just now down for a nap. Until now, we’ve been running all over creation (including to the happy place, where there MIGHT have been stash enhancement; not that we’re purchasing anything between now and MDSW, OH  NO) and watching Happy Feet, which Amazon kindly delivered today.

But all excuses aside…Hi! How are you? Still around, just dropping by, wot?

Right. So the knitting lately has been fighting me tooth and nail. I had so many great ideas and startitis like crazy, especially for socks. In particular, after purchasing the new Interweave Favorite Socks book a little bit ago, I’ve been wanting to tackle the Diagonal Cross-Rib socks. I have some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in the Old Rose colorway, which I purchased because I saw the diagonal rib pattern knitted up in the colorway on someone’s blog (I’m sorry to say that I have forgotten whose…if you’re reading, speak up, and I’ll link you!), and was in love with it on sight.

But I tried knitting this pattern twice before, with absolutely zero success. Either I wasn’t understanding the directions, or the pattern had a lot of errors in it, but they just didn’t look right, and I tried four times before I tossed it into the Basket of Ignorance to marinate for a while. When I saw the pattern — slightly renamed and looking slightly less weirdo, I knew I had to try again.

And truth be told, they were gorgeous.

Pardon the non-shaven legs, and what Grumperina refers to delightfully as Shapely Calves(TM).

So can you see why I wonder if I am just a victim of some serious knitting curse heretofore unknown?


All those lovely, orderly, marching-in-line diagonal rows…hang on! Wot’s all this?


I’d frog it, but I think I may weep.

So I tackled another project from the same Favorite Socks book — the oft-knit embossed leaves pattern, for which I knew I had the most perfect leafy green Koigu in stash — with just the right amount of sparkling yellow bits sprinkled in. And these socks, too, began with happiness.


I do love the light in my bedroom in the afternoons.

So the colorway WAS perfect, and I actually was really enjoying the knitting of the pattern itself. Simple chart, entertaining to see the wee leaves form…

But then I figured out a problem.


It was exceedingly difficult to get a picture that shows this well, so I hope you’ll take my word for it. But the chart for the leaves includes two halves — the first half involving ssk, and the second half involving k2tog. (Or it might have been the other way ’round…) Anyway, I got through nearly two full repeats of the leaf charts before I realized I had been ssk’ing the entire time, pardoning the last row I knit, when I was apparently paying actual attention.


Ripped, they were. And now, because I rediscovered knitting that first iteration that I really very much dislike knitting on DPNs, I cast back on using my trusty magic loop method that I adore so for the lack of pointy shite everywhere — only now, despite three tries in three different needle sizes — suddenly the cuff doesn’t fit. It’s too tight.

This, my friends, is why I have posted so little lately. EVERYTHING I knit is becoming a nightmare, and I don’t know how much of that is operator error, and how much may be the aforementioned undiscovered knitting curse.

Suggestions welcome. Meanwhile, I shall have to take myself off to try AGAIN on the embossed leaves socks. I still can’t bear to look at the diagonal ribs long enough to frog it. It’ll just have to sit and think about the error of its ways a bit longer. Cheeky yarn. (or is that pattern?)

More another day on the yarn Sophie chose at Knit Happens today (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Pink Flamingo striping yarn…when did I manage to have a girly-girl?), and the two skeins of MORE sock yarn that MIGHT have had an accident into a bag at the same time that my unruly checkbook leapt out of my wallet.

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