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February 2007



Be still my heart!

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I actually FINISHED something!

For myself, no less.

Here’s why it’s cheating: Because it’s been on the needles (or off the needles and in the despair pile) for…what? Two years? Maybe more?


Here’s how I feel:

That, my friends, is the face of a woman who has discovered the difference a brutal blocking can make.

There are any number of things wrong with this sweater, since it was the first non-scarf item I ever cast-on for that wasn’t baby-sized, and because I was a new knitter who knew nothing at the time. But I’m going to ignore them all because it FITS and it’s warm and I love it as one can only love a first sweater that will see lots of wear.

Forgive a) the house clutter I tried and failed to photoshop out, b) my personal dumpiness, and c) the foggy mirror of our marble-top.

(The marble-top is what I’ve always called that beast of a dresser/mirror combo. It’s an antique, and the mirror has fogged edges as a result of its age. I love this thing. I begged my dad for it when they moved to a place that had no space for it, and he amazingly let me have it. Other than my engagement ring, the stone for which belonged to my mother, this is probably one of my most prized possessions. But as usual, I digress.)

On my person, zipped up:

And on my person, open:

The edges aren’t quite as wonky as they appear there — I flipped back the side on your left there because I am so damn proud of the ribbon over the zipper tape on the inside. I followed Kathy’s fantastic zipper insertion method (oh the Google hits on THAT phraseology, I bet!), and the link on her blog to another blogger’s use of grograin ribbon over the zipper tape in lieu of knitting a zipper facing, and I am so tickled with the results!

The ribbon was a happy marriage of browsing the fabric store and a sale. I am brainstorming what to do with the remaining 4-odd yards of the same ribbon, which I love despite it’s 80’s preppy overtones.

Zippers may be my new favorite thing:


Especially with ribbon inside:

Stitching the side of the ribbon that overlaid the zipper tape was an exercise in finger-piercing, however, as this particular zipper had that tough plastic overcoating on it. So the stitching itself is not as smooth as it might have been; however, I love handwork, (it’s a perversion, what can I say? Said perversion does not, however, extend to seaming, an exercise I loathed and am apparently not very good at) and didn’t want the stitching to show through on the front, so I didn’t sew it on the machine, which would have taken considerably less time than hand stitching did. I think next time I will sew the seams of my sweaters on the sewing machine, and hand finish the remainder. 🙂

A few more shots of the sweater laid flat, and I shall shoosh, already. Everybody else seems to have Finished Objects every month or so, and they don’t go on like this. I can’t seem to help it, given that my finished objects seem to be separated by years rather than weeks. 🙂



Project:  ChicKnits’ Ribby Cardi by Bonne Marie
Yarn: Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool in Tranquil Lagoon; something less than 10 balls
Needles:  Addi Turbo 24" circs, US 9 throughout
Mods: I used one needle size throughout, and went up a size to get a slightly larger sweater to fit over the Bust of Dooooom.
Notes: When I make another of these (and yes, there will have to be another, I think), I will want to make it longer — this one hits just at the top of my hips, and I prefer my sweaters to hit about mid-hip, so as not to get tugged every time I sit down and feel a draft in my lower back. Also, although I already learned this lesson from this sweater months ago, I won’t try to knit in my ends instead of weaving them in, as it makes fat wonky stitches for very noticeable bumps in an otherwise pleasing stretch of knitting. Also, I’d stitch the seams on a sewing machine next time, as my seaming skills are patently lacking.


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