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October 2006



Cashmere heals all things?

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SLUMP, I tell you!!

I realized this morning that I haven’t been happy with ANY of my knitting since I completed the Sockapaloooza Mighty Mango socks and sent them away.

Aranmor: Currently lying in exile in the Muppets shoulder bag, awaiting me to gain the courage to rip down and fix an error. Again. *%&#$ row counters slipped and LIED to me.  Am contemplating, despite the horror of it, ripping all the way out and starting again with 100’s of copies of the chart, where I can highlight each row as it’s completed, thereby eliminating the issue of lying row counters.

Ribby Cardi: In a heap under my desk at work, half-seamed, where I tossed it after trying it on and realizing that the arm was tight under the pit. Wondering if I couldn’t just sew the damn thing on my machine and steek out the extra to make it work.

Socks: Maybe six pair in progress, none of whom are "talking" to me.

However, the other day at our local gigantic thrift store, I scored several wool sweaters for my husband in a fit of annoyance that he hasn’t any handknits despite our house being half-buried in wool. (Well, okay, there’s only three boxes’ worth, but it FEELS like we’re buried in it) In the process, I grabbed one very soft, lovely navy blue v-neck because it was super soft and it was $2.97 USD.

Dude. LL Bean. 100% cashmere.

Today, I appropriated this sweater for myself, because my knitting slump demanded it. And now I live in hope again that the needles shall click away happily.

And if not, I can always just sit here and pet my sleeves. YAY!


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