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June 2006



Visiting Monarch and Quilt Blocks promised

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In the midst of the series of truly brutal thunderstorms we’ve been having here in Alexandria, Virginia and the D.C. environs, we had one lovely soft evening before the storms, so to speak, when we were visited by royalty.

I give you, our home blessed by a Monarch! (and if I’m wrong about the butterfly species in question, do please let me know…but I’m leaving the names in the blog here because it’s so easy to draw fun phrases about visiting royalty and such. :))


I opened the front door, and there it was, perched on the edge of our letter box, just sort of hanging out. I thought somewhat sadly that it may have come there to rest and die, because it was a bit rough around the edges, but we left it alone and it was gone in the morning. I like to think this is because it flew away  happily rested, rather than having been eaten or something. 🙂



I love this photo. He/She was so lovely, and spread its wings for me as I approached for the pictures. (No, I never touched it — any missing dust is due to whatever it experienced prior to visiting us here at the house.)


So that was a lovely little interlude.


Now, theoretically this was a separate post I owed you almost a week ago, but the storms have meant that I only have internet access at work (except today, strangely enough, where it’s working at home in the lull between storms). I have created a photo album over on the right sidebar, there, of the detail shots from these blocks,  but here are the full-block pics of my mother’s quilt blocks she appliqued for herself:


This is the semi-sheer overlay that’s used to help you place applique pieces in the right spot as you stitch over time; generally, when using somebody else’s patterns, you would trace the pattern directly onto this gridded stuff, which I think masquerades as interfacing at various fabric stores like Hancock’s and JoAnn’s, et al.

This is the Dove of Peace block, which like many of mom’s blocks for herself, is still unfinished:


That’s the Dove from Noah’s Ark, presenting his Olive Branch, and surrounded by a lyre-type wreath of olive leaves and branches.


This is my mom’s memorial block for her father, also still unfinished, in honor of his lifelong military service in the U.S. Airforce. The feathers on the Eagle’s wings are stitched one by one in ribbon embroidery. (yikes.) 🙂


This is a peacock, in case it’s difficult to tell. 🙂 I love the way mom stitched the feathers on this one, but have to say that the actual block design does very little for me.


This is my favorite of the non-quilted blocks Mama stitched, particularly because of our three flags of heritage flying from the masts; The United States, Scotland, and Italy. Also, the cutwork on the flowers, and the oriental print wave fabric fussy-cut for the water are just wonderful from a handworker’s point of view.  I have tons of detail shots of this one over there in the album since it’s my favorite. (It’s also the one block for my own album quilt already begun that I’ve managed to stitch, although in a slightly different way, which I will show you in post that is not already so picture-heavy. :))


This is the very incomplete Tree of Life block; I love her fabric choice for the bark, however, and the varied greens she chose for the leaves.

Those are the blocks that she did not set up to do "quilt-as-you-go" before she passed away; I have two more amazing blocks of mom’s to show you another day, that she managed to get quilted, or prep for quilting, that show very well both her own stitch artistry and also the steps taken to get to a completed quilt, block, or what have you. And I have the picture of my first sailing ship block, and a huge quilt project I am going to undertake to tell you about. So, stay tuned!


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