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June 2006



Contest win!

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Evidently it’s her week to win stuff, because the winner of my Blogiversary prize draw from this past weekend is…


So send me your address via email,  (yarngeek at yarngeek dot com) and I’ll send off your fibery goodness!

(Also, I tried to comment in your blog to tell you, and it only allows comments from Blogger logins. I used to have one but cancelled it because Blogger is TERRIBLEawfulbadnogood and generally all around sucky. 🙂 Just sayin’, is all, that some of us who aren’t Blogger users also like to comment. But I know fighting spam is incredibly difficult, and I wish Typepad offered the word authentication thing that Blogger has.)

Anyway, congrats to PB&J, and huge thank-yous to everybody else who commented — I will be parsing those comments into some ideas and plans for an etsy shop, opening…um…when I manage to get stock made. 🙂 I’d give you a time frame, but most of you know me well enough by now to know that I can’t do that reliably. So I’ll just say, as soon as I can, and you’ll all be the first to know. 🙂

More to come when I can about mom’s quilt blocks and a visiting Monarch at my own humble abode. 🙂

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