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June 2006



Thwarted by the Storm Gods

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I was all set to take pics of those quilts I told you about yesterday, and my SP8 first box, and etc., but the power went out with a crack so loud that myself and my daughter (on separate floors of the house) shrieked and went completely to pieces. (Well, okay, SHE went sort of to pieces until I reassured her that the angels were bowling, and that was all it was. For myself, except when startled, I LOVE thunderstorms.)

SO, I will have to try again this evening, in the midst of getting The Sainted Husband prepped for his flight to Seattle tomorrow — the trip where I’d hoped he might make it to the Japanese bookstore for me, but where, alas, he will not have time to stop. ~pout~

If anybody lives near a Kinokuniya, or other type places that might carry Japanese craft books, I would love to engineer a laid-back sort of swap, if you’re willing? or something?

Not that I obsess. Much.

Go wish Renee at Froggie Meanie happy childbearing! She hasn’t delivered yet, and is in that 3rd trimester discomfort hell I try not to remember. 🙂 Go, Renee, go! Here’s to happy, healthy babies, and happy, healthy, pain-free Mamas!


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