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June 2006



Perhaps I should be QuiltGeek for the Summer?

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*Skip all the blather about quilting if you’re not interested, and check the end of this post for the part where I’m looking for some feedback, please, if you’re willing? Tank ewe!

There has been a fair amount of commentary out and around the KnitBlogisphere about how little posting has occurred, and how it seems odd. For me, it is in part due to the rediculous heat/humidity of a classic Washington, D.C. summer, and in part due to my recent re-obsession with quilting. But for myself, I like to hear about everything in Bloggers’ lives — this community is so diverse and amazing, and every post I read, I learn something new. So if you’re reading this and wondering if you have anything to post about — rest assured that at least one reader wants to know all the mundane stuff and other-craft stuff, as well as the fantastic knitting stuff.

So, in keeping with that philosophy, I give you a post in which I talk of very little knitting! 🙂

First of all, and as usual I will have to owe you pictures — my first SP8 package arrived! My pal has clearly been reading the Blog, because the entire package was all about quilting! So this is my tiny bit of knitting content, and theoretically I’m cheating. 🙂

My pal (I think it’s a she from the handwriting — so I’ll refer to her as she. Hope I don’t get that wrong and cause offense!) sent me the most wonderful set of fat quarter fabrics, in the deep dark classically Baltimore colors with the vivid yellow and red in for contrast. She sent me a marvelous little set of windchimes, which my daughter is intent on appropriating; and then, the piece de resistance, (I don’t know the keyboard shortcuts to apply proper accents there, so my apologies to the purists) a fantastic quilting book about quilting pictorial landscapes. PERFECT! So I still have to take pictures to show you, but Pal, I was THRILLED. There’s little better than getting cool boxes of mystery in the mail, except perhaps opening them. 🙂

This past weekend, I determined what I wanted to do for the borders on my bridal quilt from my mom — a simple celtic knot border in red on white, with perhaps some dark navy braid for contrast — and I went through our attic space and pulled out a fair portion of my quilting fabric and tool stash that has languished in plastic bins since I discovered knitting just before Sophie was born. 🙂

(Imagine photos appearing here this evening)

The first thing to tell you about my quilting stash is that very little of it was actually aquired by me — I got very little out of the house in Delaware before it was all auctioned off, but I did manage to obtain all mom’s quilting stash and her tools, of which there were massive amounts. I have things I had totally forgotten that make the quilting process SO much easier! Because we don’t have a lot of space in our house, however, I tucked the vast majority of it away into the attic space, since the main craft obsession I had was my knitting, and I just wasn’t emotionally ready to return to my applique and quilting  yet.

The completion, finally, of my bridal quilt, however, has spurred my creative mind in ways I’d forgotten it could run. And so I went dust-diving in the attic to pull out some of my fabric and let the creativity run; I also pulled out several in-process projects that have been left to marinate all this time as well.

Of my own work, I have a large wall hanging in process based loosely on a fantastic greeting card I fell in love with many moons ago. That one is probably more than five years old. It’s twining vines on a beautiful deep blue bali background, that has hints of violet floating in it like clouds in space. That same background fabric is what I am using for a memorial album quilt for my mother, which  I also unearthed in the digging.

Then there are the other unfinished projects my mom set aside in order to work on my bridal quilt, before she fell into her final illness. There is a whimsical lap quilt whose focus fabric is purple with startled/confused looking crows standing on long spindly legs scattered all over it. It’s hysterical and makes me smile every time I look at it. Then there is a quilt in all blacks and greys for my brother, which I haven’t yet unearthed but I know is floating around either in the attic or the garage storage bins. That will be my next project to focus on, most likely, so soon as I find it, since having seen my frenzy to finish the other quilt, he has requested that I work on that one. 🙂

I found a couple of 1930’s quilt tops that I’ve gotten from eBay over the years that I will want to finish and have around as knock-around quilts.

But the items I was most amazed by are the blocks my mom had appliqued for her own album quilt, several of which I had somehow completely forgotten that I had. I can’t wait to show them to you — the camera battery was dead this weekend, or I’d have had those pictures up first. I have the remaining background and backing fabric for that album quilt also stashed away, and so I will have to flip through my books to see what other blocks mom had marked for herself, and I will finish her quilt for her as well at some point. (We’re talking years worth of work in this one post, though, I think, so please don’t get too worked up just yet. I’m motivated, but I also work full time and have a 2-year old very interested in all my sewing tools. :))


So I have plenty on my plate, craft wise; but you know we can’t leave it at that!

The Sainted Husband departs on Wednesday morning for a short boondoggle (I LOVE that word!) to Seattle. The only thing I could think of from Seattle that I was REALLY worked up about, aside from the coffee, was the Japanese bookstore (Kinokuniya) that lives out there. So I’ve been making up a list of books I want him to look for, if he can get to the store. 🙂 When he returns, hopefully with a couple of the books that have the small patchwork projects in them, I want to start a small etsy sideline, to help pay for the re-obsession with quilting, and several big-ticket items we’ve been hit by lately that have completely depleted what savings we’d managed to build up. (car repairs, house repairs, and bodily repairs, among other things. :))

So my question to you is this: Cassie has been making up quilted emergency sock kits that are fantastic, and she sells them at a seriously reasonable price. I don’t want to duplicate that, but what I have in mind are similar items.

Would you have interest in needle rolls, a knitting tote that included removeable needle rolls for crochet and knitting both, and small quilted bags of various sizes and uses? What about a unique laptop bag, quilted, appliqued, and etc., within an inch of its life? 🙂 If you were to request an item, what would you request, and what would be a reasonable price, in your mind, to pay for what you wanted?

I need to come up with a fair bit of cashola out of this, so if there are items you would be willing and able to purchase in the $30 – $40 range per item, please let me know what those items would be and what you have in mind, and I will gladly do custom work. Otherwise, I realize that I’m looking at $10 – $25 ranges for the rest, most likely. And that’s okay — I have enough stash to build enough items that I should be able to make the target amount by August, which is my goal. 

Similarly, if YOU aren’t flush enough to be purchasing items, but you have things in mind on your wishlist, let me know what those are, and I will hope etsy has enough folks floating around of similar mind to you that the stuff I make will sell. 🙂

Many thanks, and herein endeth the request for feedback, and likewise this post. 🙂


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