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June 2006



It’s done!

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I finished putting the quilt top together yesterday!


It’s hard to take a complete photo of something that big! 🙂

I now have to figure out what I want to do with the borders. Initially, mom and I had planned on a floral sort of cottage garden border with sunflowers and things twining about, but I laid this on the bed, and it’s already well over the sides. Also, I don’t want to detract from mom’s blocks, either. So I may just do some celtic knotwork, and then add in little bits of things that remind me of mom and my marriage (since this is technically a bridal quilt) like a where’s waldo sort of thing throughout the knotwork. Haven’t decided.

But the top! It’s done! It’s hard to believe after all this time that the blocks are now all set and sewn together, and theoretically if I were to stop here, I could sandwich it and quilt it and it would be totally done. It’s almost as though I’m avoiding it being "done", because that will mean that this one thing I have that I worked on more or less "with" my late mother, will be done.

But I think hanging it above our bed as an artistic headboard will make it okay. (It could be used on a bed, but it perhaps too precious to risk losing the applique pieces. We’ll probably use it a few times a year, on our wedding anniversary and mom’s birthday and that sort of thing, once it’s totally done.)

I’ve been well and truly re-bitten by the quilting bug, now, however. This could conceiveably be dangerous.

Oh, and I start a tribal fusion belly dance class this coming Wednesday, AND it’s That Time of the Month, which means the body image difficulties are in full swing.

How’s THAT for TMI? 🙂


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