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November 2005



Talkin’ Turkey: Total Thankfulness

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My gracious, but it has been an amazing holiday weekend here in the U.S.A. (Or at least here in Alexandria, Virginia…)

Our Thanksgiving was lovely, punctuated by my personal triumph of several first-tries at dishes I’d never made before. To wit:

  • Brined the turkey — this is a first, and I will never make another without this step if I can avoid it, because the result really is tastier, more moist, and all-around worth the trouble. (Which was minimal. Seriously.)
  • Made dressing from scratch, foregoing Stovetop-from-a-box for the first time EVER in our family — and I mean from scratch,  from the bread and cornbread right on through. (well, okay, I didn’t make my own sausage, we purchased it — but if Santa hears my plea and gets me my KitchenAid stand mixer with all the attachments therein, I’ll even try making my own sausage next year!) SO tasty! YAY!
  • Made my own Pumpkin Pie, rather than trusting to Sarah Lee

We spent the day with our favorite adopted family, my friend Sharon and her husband and kids. Our boys went to their mom’s for the holiday, while Miss Sophie Plum, naturally, stayed with us. So, all in all, it was a truly lovely holiday, and I am thankful/grateful for so many things it’s positively overwhelming.

Which brings me to the other big part of my weekend, but as I typed it up, I realized it really was going to turn into its own post, so hang on just a moment while I get that done. 🙂

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