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December 2008



Overwhelmed and Under-Blogged

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I have a new camera, finally, that I don’t yet know how to use properly; my knitting has been even more flighty than usual — lots of picking up, putting down, casting on, ripping out; but nothing of any particular substance to report.

In desperation, I may have gone Stephanie’s way and resorted to the Noro striped scarf to soothe my needles.

I took that from my lap on our way down South to visit family over Thanskgiving.
I’ve started some alpaca mitts for myself, but those are getting ripped because I was improvising and I don’t like the first one; TSH still wants a skully scarf and has now added a pair of mitts to the request list; I still haven’t finished A Real Sweater in years, and it’s now winter here in D.C. (or close enough to, in temperature) and I, the knitter, have nothing I’ve made myself to wear to keep warm. Rediculous.


And thus, what we have here is not a whole lot of fodder for the blog, save for my own blatherings about nothing in particular.

Everybody on the planet seems to be getting pregnant right now, which is making me yearn even more strongly for another baby. My husband and I are somewhat at odds on the subject, as he’s been through this several times already, whereas Sophie is my only and I’ve always wanted two children. (though I cannot give you a rational set of reasons why that is, really.)


Speaking of Miss Plum, her birthday is on Monday the 15th, so we’re spending Sunday having a day just for her. She gets to pick what meals she’d like, we’re taking her to see Madagascar 2, and then on Monday she’ll have a party at her daycare with her friends. Then later in January, when folks have better availability, we’ll try to have a wee tea party for she and her friends from outside daycare. An unbirthday mad-hatter party, I think. 🙂

What are your holiday plans? Have you got any?

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