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October 2005



Part the First: Ponderings

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Recently, I’ve been noticing the sort of pressure that KnitBloggers put on themselves — anytime folks stray from knitting or spinning or general fiber content, they feel the need to apologize. (and when I say they, I mean me and everybody else I’m thinking of.) If, for example, in the particular instance that sparked this post, the Blogger is having a Day of Ick(TM), she then felt it was needful to apologize for not being chipper, which is her usual tone of "voice".

This is something that interests me — I find myself apologizing every time I turn around these days, because I haven’t got an easy way to upload photographs (nor yet even an easy way to TAKE them), or because I’ve been depressed and thus feeling like i shouldn’t post.

What is most important to YOU about reading KnitBlogs and other types of Blogs? For myself, in terms of what I read elsewhere, it’s the personal connections I feel when getting to read slices of life from somebody else’s viewpoint. I feel my own ability to grow and learn is enhanced by my connections online to the viewpoints and adventures I read about. It’s like books, but to a much more instant degree. So no matter what the mood of the Blogger, the crap coming down like rain in their lives, or whether they choose to add their passion for food, decorating, Colin Firth, or whatever else in to their Blogs, I love that I get to see another side of them, and am somewhat bewildered that they’re apologizing for daring to stretch within their own space.

Discuss? 🙂


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