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September 2005



101 Things

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Or, stream-of-consciousness-when-there-are-no-photos-to-share-of-knitting-related-items.

That, and I’ve been browsing other knitblogs all day and lots of them have these. So I thought I’d try playing along.

101 Things about me (or at least, 101 things that came out of my head while writing):

  1. I’m all about my family and friends.
  2. My mom died 4 months before my wedding.
  3. She was 46 years old.
  4. I have a baby brother who is really almost 26 and a total hottie, but he’ll always be my baby brother to me.
  5. I call him "Boogie".
  6. I have panic attacks about death.
  7. "Crisis of Faith" describes roughly 75% of my inner conversations with myself.
  8. I sometimes secretly wish I’d been born a redhead.
  9. I am not technically bi-sexual
  10. …but if I were, I would SO totally do Angelina Jolie.
  11. I like to think I’d happily do a Freaky-Friday switcheroo with Angelina Jolie, but really, I’m happy with my family and wouldn’t give them up for anything.
  12. Not even a body like that. Damnnit.
  13. OR Brad Pitt.
  14. I don’t watch the news.
  15. If I did, I’d have a busted television from throwing heavy objects through it in rage.
  16. I read it when I have to and still end up shouting at the computer screen.
  17. It is pointless to argue politics with me.
  18. I get that from my mother.
  19. Dragonflies remind me of my mom.
  20. I still feel safest and most within myself when I connect any part of my life now to my mother, whom I still miss more than I have words to describe.
  21. My daughter is the single most powerful argument for a Divine Presence I’ve ever experienced.
  22. I feel lucky every day to have found my husband.
  23. I have expensive tastes that will largely never be fulfilled
  24. …because I have no special skills with which to make the kind of living that my tastes would require. 🙂
  25. I "click" almost instantly with some people
  26. …but invariably get my heart broken when they turn out to not be who I thought they were.
  27. Knitting soothes my soul.
  28. I am sodium and iron deficient
  29. I used to carry around a bunny salt-lick wheel in my pocket instead of having to take huge sodium pills every day.
  30. I love photography
  31. I wish I were better at the things I love to do.
  32. Body image issues have haunted me since I graduated high school and got fat.
  33. Fat to me isn’t a specific number, or a descriptor I place on others — it’s a feeling based on how I feel in my skin.
  34. I work where I work because it’s the best money I can make with the skills I have
  35. I don’t much like doing what I do for a living.
  36. I want to be a writer,
  37. but my plotting completely sucks.
  38. I obsess over things and then discard them.
  39. This makes me ashamed sometimes.
  40. Who knew that a list like this would be like therapy?
  41. Now I’m thinking that posting it might be a bit much.
  42. I knit.
  43. I also quilt, cross-stitch, do costuming, home dec sewing, and sew clothing and stuff for myself, my daughter, my husband, and my two step-sons.
  44. I REALLY like needlework.
  45. I want to learn a bunch of things before I die.
  46. Among these are the languages of Italian, French, Spanish, and German.
  47. Also among these are cabinetmaking; woodworking in general; upholstering; spinning!; building/construction enough that should I get a wild bug to renovate, I could ostensibly do it all myself; ditto auto repair, electrician stuff, plumbing, etc.
  48. One day I want to own a Friesian horse.
  49. Goliath, the horse ridden by Rutger Hauer’s character in the movie LadyHawke, was a Freisian.
  50. I adore the color blue.
  51. So much so that I feel almost obligated when purchasing yarn to stay away from it, because I feel I’ve already got so much.
  52. I lose this battle with myself four times out of six.
  53. I am a terrible packrat.
  54. I’m also something of a lousy friend.
  55. I stand people up frequently due to changes in plans on the fly.
  56. Then I forget to call.
  57. Stay away, people, I’m scary!
  58. Somehow I manage to keep the good friends, though.
  59. My best friend and I have been best friends since 7th grade, which puts us at seventeen years and counting.
  60. This makes me feel very old.
  61. I turn 30 on October 7th.
  62. This is not technically old.
  63. My mother’s passing makes me a severe hypochondriac about some things.
  64. She had MS and Behcet’s disease. I’m afraid I will get one or both.
  65. My great-grandmother had Alzheimer’s.
  66. I’m even more afraid I will get that than I am of getting one of my mother’s auto-immune issues.
  67. Fear is the mind-killer.
  68. I never read Dune, but I did see the TV show.
  69. It wasn’t very good.
  70. But then, the validity of my taste has been sorely opposed by many.
  71. Winning the lottery is my very favorite day dream.
  72. But I don’t play very often, if at all.
  73. When I am most financially insecure, I day dream about winning the lottery and what I would do with the most current high jackpot, down to the penny, including payments to the IRS.
  74. I have all sorts of idisynchrasies and oddities.
  75. I’ve just spelled that word wrong and it will niggle at me until I go look it up.
  76. It’s ideosyncrasies. No idea why I added the "h".
  77. It was joked in high school, when I was a copy editor, that I should have been named "Conan the Grammarian".
  78. My grammar is actually my weakest point.
  79. It’s vocabulary where I shine.
  80. And the latest obsession, you may have noticed, is etymology of cliches and phrases.
  81. I have to type and think very carefully when I use the word etymology, because it’s so close to ENTymology, which is the study of insects.
  82. Now I’m second-guessing myself and thinking it’s the study of birds, but it’s not, because that would be orinthology.
  83. I drive an SUV.
  84. It annoys me when that makes people automatically pigeon-hole me.
  85. I am a total hypocrite, because 99.9% of Saab drivers, in my head, are buttheads. (Kristine being a glaring exception to this postulate)
  86. If you drive a Saab, I offer a full and sincere apology for any offense I may cause you.
  87. Try growing up and learning to drive in D.C., and see what driving predjudices *you* come away with.
  88. No clue why I just got all defensive over that.
  89. The only television I watch anymore is HBO original series — ROME, Deadwood, Sopranos.
  90. I used to be an Animal Planet addict.
  91. Now it’s anything by Discovery Communications.
  92. I am a total and complete GEEK, hence the blogname.
  93. When I grow up, I want to be like Dooce.
  94. I also want to have a humongous library.
  95. I should have stock in Barnes and Noble for all the time I spend in there.
  96. I like little more than to spend a quiet Saturday afternoon with a cup of coffee and page through tons of magazines in the B&N cafe.
  97. I wish there were more independent bookstores around still, and I would gladly do the same there, instead.
  98. Used book stores give me happy goosebumps.
  99. So do Renaissance Faires.
  100. Read fast, before I decide I’ve revealed too much.
  101. I think at the heart of it all, I’m actually a pretty simple person.


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