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July 2005




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So I’m sitting here checking up on my Bloglines feeds (and incidentally…what is UP with you people? ENTERTAIN ME, MY MINIONS!! lol), the one half of our pair of Ratz (read: teenagers) was in his natural habitat in front of the television, and the felines of the household were also accounted for. Sophie was sitting in her high chair next to me, having a piece of string cheese for a snack.

I sat here at my computer with my Dominion Root Beer, gotten from the refrigerator, savoring the tangy, cool goodness. When, over the dulcet sounds of channel surfing and baby babble, from the kitchen, there was a sudden BANG!!~crackle~ sound. And then fizzing.


When my stepson and I rushed into the kitchen to see what was going on (and this is how I know there was nobody near anything), we beheld this:

So, a few salient points to this phenomenon:

  1. Nothing was near the root beer at the time
  2. The root beer was awaiting the current stash of root beer in the fridge to dissapate, so it could then be cooled in the fridge itself; therefore, it hasn’t moved since being purchased almost a week ago.
  3. Nothing FELL on the root beer.
  4. The temperature in the house remains at a constant range of 70 to 72 degrees year round.
  5. All members of the household who were home, furry members included, were all accounted for at the time of the event.
  6. We have a ghost in our house.

Oh, wait, haven’t I told you this story yet? ~giggle~

It’s coming. But first, we must have dinner, and I’ve got root beer to wipe up. (tease? moi? NEVAR!)


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