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July 2005



Independence Day

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Happy belated Independence Day to all you ‘mericans out there; happy belated Canada day to my Canadian friends – and GO CANADA on the gay marriage legislation! AMEN, ya’ll! Nice to see somebody in North America getting a frickin’ clue, because it certainly isn’t happening down here; VIVE le Espana on the same issue; and if I’m missing other important patriotic holidays for anybody not in North America, YAY for you guys, too!! (What’s happening in the UK right now? Anything? I am completely clueless these days.)

We spent the 4th doing…absolutely nothing. Or rather, we did stuff, but it was all mundane, ’round the house stuff. Fried chicken was had, pool swimming was done, and I got seven of 12.5 inches of the back of my Ribby Cardi finally cast on and knit!

As is classic for me and this blog, I took photos last night of the cardi, including a now-repaired oops in the ribbing where I’d purled instead of knitting, which then created a line of stitches I had to drop and pick back up in the proper orientation. HOWEVER — and didn’t we all see ~this~ coming? — I’d finally gotten around to pulling my digital camera’s uploading cord thing from the computer in my daughter’s room to the computer downstairs in the great room. That machine is where I work at my second job, medical and legal transcription, once my daughter has gone to bed. The vast majority of my blogging impulses aren’t indulged until after she goes to sleep, however, so I get (as I’m sure you’re all aware) precious little blogging done in terms of photographic proof of my obsession.

Last night, I was oh-so-proud of myself for finally remembering as I put my daughter to bed to grab the camera and cord and bring it downstairs.

What’d I forget? The software. I have Photoshop and software that came with my camera both loaded on the machine upstairs. Not so on the machine downstairs. Where are the CDs with said software on them? In my sleeping daughter’s room.


So, photos of the cardi-in-progress are forthcoming.  No, really! And soon, I won’t have to keep making that promise and having life get in the way – the software gets loaded tonight, and soon I can blog after baby time! Woohoo!


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