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June 2005




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How can it be possible that I have more than fifty feeds on my Bloglines list, plus a number of "discovered by chance" blogs that I read occasionally, and yet still there is nothing to read today? 🙂

Actually, that’s not true – it’s only that I’ve already gone through and read the updates that have been posted thus far, and it’s a slow day at work. Plus, they frown on knitting at your desk here, unless you’re on your lunch hour. Imagine that! 😉

Still, I think it’s marvelous that there are that many KnitBloggers out there whose lives I feel so close to, just from reading the things they choose to share with the rest of us knitters floating around in the ether. It is astonishing and marvelous to see the reports of the various knitting-related events bearing out the theory that the internet connects the world, and not always in a bad way.

There is nothing like a common interest to bring people of otherwise very diverse thinking together, and I love that I can get up in the morning and know that, should I run into a stitch problem (like yesterday – THANK YOU, Katy, it worked perfectly!!), or want to find a pattern, or if I just want somebody to meet me somewhere and share the craft with me – I can find whatever I need just by logging on and making it known.

Really, when you consider it – that’s sort of magic, isn’t it? (or at least, it is for me)

Am off to surf my Bloglines in search of new Blogs to add. I hope you, too, can take today to revel in the Sisterhood/Brotherhood/Crafthood of Knitting out there on the InterWeb. 🙂


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