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May 2005



Where was I?

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Oh yes!

The blurry one was busily rubbing her head against the bars, ostensibly to scratch. If I’d been wearing that much wool on Saturday, I’d have been a sweaty, itchy mess, too! As it was, we’re only posting one photo of me at the festival, taken not on Saturday, but SUNDAY, because I had to grab my husband and go back with my built-in baby-wrangler. Saturday first, though – So I went. It was insane. Wall-to-wall people, and I don’t mean that in any exaggerative fashion – one poor woman in her wheelchair was stuck in the same spot for several minutes because folks were so rabid and self-focused that they wouldn’t move aside. I apologize to anyone I encountered Saturday by way of ramming them with my big-ass SUV of a stroller – and for anyone offended by my audacity in bringing a large stroller to the first hours of the first day of the Festival. My only excuse was ignorance – I had never been and thought it would be…well, different, somehow. Clearly I was temporarily insane. Despite the crowds, we had a wonderful time wandering around with no timetable. Despite my lapses in brain power, I had the forethought to pack lots of water, Capri-sun, and snackies for Sophie, so we escaped without ever having to brave the lines by ourselves on Saturday. I walked into Pucker Brush Farms’ booth, and walked out with the following:

1,000 yards of baby loop mohair/wool/something-or-another – I didn’t care what it was, I wanted that COLOR:

1,000 yards of Mohair, however, takes a VERY long time to wind into a ball by hand. I’m only halfway through.

Still, that wasn’t all – there was a pair of yarns hanging on opposite sides of the booth that I spotted and had to join together, as seemed right and proper:

The non-loopy yarn is, I think, a merino/silk blend, and the other is another baby-loop mohair blend. Whatever – they’re georgeous and I am in love with them. That entire vendor I could easily have spent a paycheck with. Lucky for my family that I didn’t have it with me! LOL (editor’s note: No, I would not do such a thing. Yeesh.)

Then I had to indulge my curiosity about needle-felted creatures that I’ve been seeing around on eBay, so I got some pretty dyed roving from another booth, a very small amount, and two felting needles, one of which broke as soon as I got home. Oops. Anyway. Here’s the roving, all rainbow-y – there are more colors than the photo suggests.

If I ever manage to get anything vaguely animal-like out of my endeavors with that, I’ll let you know.

I then walked past the booth for Persimmon Tree Farm, and stopped. And stared. And wished with all my might that I’d had a) my camera, and b) the ability to spin roving into yarn. Because she had this stuff – this cloudy puff of exquisitely colored softness in a bag. It was called Fall Harvest with Glitz, and it was just what you’d expect it to be, with copper metallic fibers strewn in here and there. It was glorious, and I am still kicking myself for not getting it when I had the chance, lack of spinning knowledge be DAMNNED. I am SO. not. making that mistake next year! Greta, the spinner/dyer in question, is going to do another batch of the colorway, although she cannot of course guarantee the same hand, color combos, etc. Still, she’ll try, and if it’s even CLOSE, I’m buying!

Which brings me to Sunday!

Having my (tolerant, wonderful, adored-beyond-measure, sick-at-home-today) husband along made all the difference, as did (I think) the fact that it was the second day of the festival.

Look at my beautiful baby and cute hubby – am I lucky, or what? (even if you don’t agree, smile and nod. I’m not rational about this one thing.) My poor husband will kill me for posting such a badly posed picture on his part, but I don’t care – I still think he looks a little like Jean Reno in those sunglasses. Je t’aime, mon amour!

The aforementioned ONE photo I am willing to post of myself, and that reluctantly, as I resemble nothing so much as a gigantic strawberry with a mushroom for a head:

Um, we’re OUTside the bars, there. In case you wondered. 🙂

Since Persimmon Tree had sold out of the roving I foolishly walked away from on Saturday, I felt I had to console myself with this:

It’s 100% silk, and a relatively small amount. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it’s so soft and lovely that I may just knit it for the feel of it. (Feeeeeeeeeeeeel of it, Nana says!)

So, exhausted and happy, we trekked home, but not before catching photographic proof of my daughter’s genetic relation to me – my husband was watching her for me as I roamed the (mostly emptied) booths on Sunday, and he snapped this:

What else is there to say than that? 🙂


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