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February 2009



Knitting Valentines

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True to form, I did not finish my husband’s sweater in time for Valentine’s Day, but I DID manage to get a photo of the very love-appropriate cables on this thing.

I’m knitting Beck, from Jane Ellison’s Queensland Collection Book 9, using some Skye Tweed. (Ravelry links; OH how I mourn the discontinuation of this yarn!) Originally I’d intended to knit The Sainted Husband a sweater that was designed entirely by me (or at least with a little help from Elizabeth Zimmerman), but when I found this book on a trip to North Carolina, I knew this sweater was right up his alley. He even picked the yarn.

Thus far I’m done one sleeve (which stood in for a swatch), and half the back.

(photo above taken only about a quarter of the way into the back — that was taken February 7th.)

I’ve never been much a fan of reverse stockinette, but I must admit that it looks somewhat Zen when viewed just for itself:

And that is pretty much all there is to show you of lots of grey tweedy bits. (well, okay, I took more photos of it, but really, how many times can you look at the same two pieces of in-progress knitting before it ceases to be entertaining? However, if you’re Hardcore, feel free to check out Flickr for a couple other shots of this sweater-in-progress.)

Meanwhile, the day I took those photos of the sweater bits, TSH and I took my daughter down to run along the trail beside the Potomac river, where we had a grand time. We even got to stop and gawk along with everybody else who was out in the beautiful weather that day, as Martha and George, our resident Bald Eagles, have nested just alongside that trail. Martha was the only one we saw, as she was busy hanging out looking regal in the nest, but it was still supremely cool.

I thought there were a few other beautiful things out that day, though.

~happy sigh~ I really am very, very lucky. Oh, by the way, check the sweater on Miss Plum, there! That was knit for her by her godmother, SSB, who, in addition to being a medical student at Tulane (Third year? FOURTH? GAH how time flies!), is also getting married on Halloween this year, so we’ll be headed down to New Orleans to attend and for me to be all bridesmaid-y on her behalf. YAY! I’ve finally figured out the right shawl pattern to knit for her, and the designer was AMAZING about getting the pattern to me, so as soon as I can warn the bride away from reading a particular post, I’ll show you some cool details. 🙂

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