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July 2013



Spinnin’ (Right ‘Round)

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The aqua-to-chocolate fiber is resting in an improvised skein on the back of one of my chairs, because my niddy noddy is currently broken:

Improvising a Niddy Noddy

This poor skein has three different plying types through it because I had absolute fail at “evenly dividing” the braid into three sections. I started with these three bobbins, whereupon it became clear that I wasn’t going to get the same length from each:

Plies in a row

Still, I kept calm and spun on, knowing I was likely going to have to fiddle with things to make the fiber go as far as possible. So the skein starts on the aqua end as classic three-ply, then shifts into a two-ply through the chocolate/looks-forest-green-y-but-actually-it’s-teal bits, and ending in a chain ply in the darkest coffee color section when I ran out of all but the largest bobbin, and here is where it ended up:

Skein in Training

Even given the fiddliness, I’m pretty pleased. No idea what I’ll do with it, though.

Suggestions welcome. 🙂

Spun gradient Fiber Optic

Meanwhile, I’ve begun a part of my massive backlog of spinning by tackling an ancient packet from Grafton Fibers’ fiber club. Maybe six? seven year stash vintage? The company changed its name to Dyak Craft at some point, and I don’t even know if they’re still around, though I hope so, since they dyed gorgeous fiber like this:

Wooly Wyrm

I have two of these bumps in this colorway, and at least two more in another colorway that’s more purples and plums than the indigo shifts in this set. At the moment, the first bump of this set is on the wheel, looking like a wooly wyrm:

Spinning the Wooly Wyrm

The plummy section of which looks like this on the bobbin as a single:

Grafton/Dyak fiber on bobbin


Are you spinnin’ right round (like a record, baby) on anything at the moment?

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