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August 2013



Hufflepuff Don’t Care

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Hufflepuff don’t give a…


My child has announced that she wishes to be a Hogwart’s student for Halloween this year, a declaration to which I latched on and with which I ran.

Being on a budget-enforced yarn diet, I went stash diving and turned up with a cone of grey Brown Sheep something-or-0ther (I suspect it was meant originally for weaving?), purchased in a bag of misc. yarns from a local thrift store years ago for what I think was four dollars.

Cone of Thrifted Yarn

So, body of the sweater taken care of, I commenced swatching August 9th, and came up at 6 sts/8 rows per inch on 3.5mm circular needles post-swatch-washing. I’d picked up Ann Budd’s fantastic Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters at the library, so the gauge was all I really needed to go to town making a Hogwart’s Uniform sweater.

This is a book I’m going to need in my personal library – it lists chest measurements for multiple child and adult sizes, then has charts at misc. gauges that you follow throughout as a recipe for knitting top-down sweaters. It’s brilliant, and has me pondering all sorts of the kind of basic sweaters my wardrobe likes best in a less daunting light.

Knowing from experience how swiftly my knitting mojo disappears, I took advantage of it and knit on, completing the shoulder shaping on the 10th.

Hufflepuff Sweater Shoulder Shaping

By the 16th, I’d picked up the front at the shoulders, knit the v-neck shaping, formed underarm shaping, joined, and begun knitting the body of the sweater.

Detail of v neck shaping

(I’m only being specific with dates in this case so I’ll remember later myself when I’m trying to figure it out. I’m always asked how long it takes me to knit things, and because I pick things up and put them down so often, I can never answer that question. This isn’t precise, but it at least gives me something of a gauge to go by.)

At any rate, last night I made it down to the stripes at the hem, and started the ribbing at the waist!

Hufflepuff Hem Stripes

(forgive the editing on that one; it’s an overcast day AND I keep forgetting the set the dang white balance on my camera, so I had to fidget with this like crazy to make it look right for the yellow in the stripes.)

So as of this morning, I am on the cusp of Sleeve Island and truckin’ right along. I’ve got a week of vacation to see if I can finish this thing in something like good time, but whether my mojo will decide to stick around that long is anyone’s guess. Short Attention Span Knitter Is Short of Attention.

Hufflepuff Sweater Progress

So tell me — where is your attention focused this fine weekend?

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