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May 2017



MDSW: The Annual Pilgrimage

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Why yes, I AM still here, so glad you stopped by!

My husband and I made the annual trek to MDSW the first weekend of May (also while celebrating 15 years of marriage, coincidentally), and I figure if there is no MDSW loot post, perhaps there truly is no more blog. I am not yet ready to say THAT, so allow me to share with you the spoils:

First, speckled yarn galore from Knitty & Color; the main skein is “Supernova” Hardcore Sock; the mini-skein set did not have colorways listed, but is also Hardcore Sock base:

I did a fly-by hello to Amy at Spunky Eclectic, and came away with two braids of wool top in “Hideaway”, as well as two wool/yak blend (the most soft, lovely things – Plum attempted to steal one as a cuddle friend, but I objected with extreme prejudice) braids in “Stegasaurus”:

I got a “Knitterati” tee from the folks at the publishing tent; not shown is the “UNITY” tee I picked up from Neighborhood Fiber, as well:

I grabbed two gradient DK sets from Neighborhood Fiber Company, in “Shades of Jade” and “Shades of Grey”:

Karida at Neighborhood Fiber threw in a project bag for me, and I also got the Ziggy Stardust/Bowie project bag at the publishing tent from whence came the “Knitterati” tee (that I wish I could remember the name of!!):

And finally, in a spectacular case of fangirl camnesia, I ran unexpectedly into Casey of Elegant Musings, whose blog I have been reading for probably more than a decade? I did not think to get a photo with her, though I DID get a hug, and she made a gift to me of this wee stitch marker:

It rained off and on all day, and was downright chilly, as well as muddy & squelchy – since this made the crowds almost bearable this year, and facilitated the wearing of handknits far better than the years when it is 90 degrees F in the shade, I will totally accept that. 🙂

Did you go? Or to a festival closer to you? What’d you get? Spill! 😉

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